Most instruments are kept off-site, so must be pre- booked prior to your session if you wish to use any of them.

Keys & Synths

Upright Piano*

Korg MicroKorg

Korg MS2000

49 Key USB MIDI Keyboard

Various Keyboard & Synth VSTs

Stylophone Mark I

Ottomatone x2

Guitars & Amps


Silvertone 1449 with lipstick pickups

Epiphone Sheraton II with humbuckers (1994)

12 String Telecaster replica with single coils

Thinline Semi-Hollowbody Paradigm (Telecaster Style) with P90s x2

Lap Steel guitar with single coil

Fender Showman London Reverb Combo Amp

Marshall AS50D Combo Amp

Stinger STP500 Combo Amp (Stereo)


Epiphone SG short scale with 1 humbucker

Fame Hondo 830 P-bass style

EBS Reidmar 502 Bass Amplifier

EBS 512 12" Bass cabinet


Fender CD100 mahogany front back and sides

Gretsch Jim Dandy parlour guitar

Fender Malibu (Alkaline Trio edition)

Silvertone 600 

Kay 12 String (c. 1960s/70s)

Eros 606 Dakota (1966)

Melodija Menjes large jazz body archtop (c. 1959)

Other string instruments

Seagull S8 A-style Mandolin

Savannah SA-100 A-style Mandolin

Delta Blue 5 string Banjo

Mountain dulcimer

22 String Irish Lever Harp

Nyojeong 3/4 size Cello

Drums & Percussion

Various percussion; tambourines, shakers, triangles, guiros, etc.

40" Gong 

Tama Silverstar kick & toms 24", 13", 16"

WHD 10 lug aluminium snare drum 14"

Premier Olympic Outfit '51 (1951) 20", 14", 6", 8" 

Marching bass drum 26"

Various vintage cymbals & hihats

Various Pearl & Yamaha drum hardware

*Coming soon

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